Veridican Argument for the Existence of God




Holy Bible, New International Version, 1984 ed.
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This version of the NIV is the official version of the Veridican Church of the Divine in Christ. It is only available as a .pdf or one may be able to purchased used copies of it. It is out of print, so there are no new copies of it available.

Veridican Argument for the Existence of God
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This paper presents an argument that owing to the impossibility of "nothingness," the "something" that does exist must necessarily be a monistic entity. Proof is shown by the employment of six self-evident axioms. The conclusion reached is that of all possible attributes a monistic entity must possess, consciousness is one of them. A conscious monistic entity is argued to be necessarily what we call "God." This argument was first invented by Rev. Edward J. Gordon, VCDC on October 10, 2018.

The Seven Churches of Revelation and the Advent of Veridicanism
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The seven churches of Revelation relate to church eras spanning the time between the ascension of Jesus Christ and the advent of the Veridican doctrine. The Veridican doctrine is necessarily the true religion of Christ and is prophesied in Revelation 3:20-22. There will be no church era after the advent of Veridicanism, and the Veridican doctrine is the only way to overcome in preparation as the Elect in Christ for the end times. This paper will make the case for the above as it explains how each era of the seven churches leads consecutively and necessarily to the advent of Veridicanism in 1993. Article by Rev. Edward J. Gordon, VCDC, January 21, 2022.

The Scroll of Revelation: An Interpretation of the First Seal
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In Christian eschatology, there are several erroneous theories regarding the first seal mentioned in Revelation, chapter six. These errors result from an inaccurate understanding of the symbology which becomes apparent only in our modern age. This paper argues that the white horse and its rider who wears a crown and carries a bow represents a progression of technology that at first appears pure and good but ultimately leads to the devolution of human civilization. As a civilization, we can no longer survive without advanced technology; thus, technology has become our conqueror as predicted in passage.