Posting 20230107: Myth as Truth

Started by Edward, Jan 07, 2023, 12:19 PM

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The government is trying to create history. They spin a narrative about Jan 6, and if they tell it so often, it becomes engrained in the collective mind of society--and then it's considered truth, and then it is history. But don't freak out about this: Its always been what governments do--always. They control truth. They did the same thing with Waco in 1993; they did it all through the Vietnam years. It's what governments do. The very term "government" means "control of the population."

Let's face it: The truth about Jan 6, is very simple. The rioting crowd should not have been storming and vandalizing the U.S. Capitol; we can't have that, and Ashley Babbit should not have been killed for it. So, they can lie all they want about it, but Veridicans, right? Veridicans "follow that which is true." We know the truth when we hear it. We know the Shepherd's voice and we follow it. We don't follow governments or political parties anyway.

Thanks for letting me vent. :)

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Government control.  The way of the . . . lie?
Let's not leave out those who help the government control: journalists.

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