Church Coporate Taxes and Annual Report Filed, etc.

Started by Edward, Jan 18, 2023, 06:13 PM

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I have completed and filed the IRS 2022 1120 Corporate Income Tax, the Mississippi State Annual Report, and the state taxes for Veridican Church, Inc. All the accounting books are in order and balance, and we are good to go for another year.

Being incorporated makes our organization official, and permanent. This is important because some members still require an active religious exemption from the COVID Vaccine, and the Veridican religion is officially opposed to mRNA vaccines. We stand behind our members and advocate for them in that regard in any way that we can.

The operating expenses for the church are pretty small, about $200 a year. My wife and I (who are also the only stockholders) donate whatever is needed mostly, but if the Veridican Church is your church, then anything you send certainly helps. If anyone would like to donate to the church, just send your offering through PayPal using the following link. It will come to me, and I in-turn will deposit it in the Church bank account. Please keep donations to $10 or less.

One thing we want to do this year is turn Black Spirit Publishing over to the Church, officially. Which would mean if I write a book the church will publish it and receive the royalties from Amazon. That's kind of the goal for this year.

Take care, folks.  :)

Rev. Edward Gordon
High Priest
Veridican Church of the Divine in Christ
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